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Sportsnet Now gives you 24/7 access to livestream your favourite sports in HD on any screen. Choose a plan that is right for you. This product is only available in Canada.

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$19.99 / month
  • All the essentials. Stream Sportsnet's elite sports lineup & channels.
  • Over 300 NHL games. Regional blackouts apply*
  • Stream the NHL, NBA, MLB, CHL, WWE and more.
billed monthly
$27.99 / month
  • Sale Michigan Jerseys Jordan The same content as our SN Now+ annual plan, but without the commitment.
  • Over 500 NHL games. Limited blackouts apply**
  • Stream the NBA, MLB, CHL & WWE, in addition to more NHL games and leagues
billed monthly
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7-day pass
  • Get 7 days of SN NOW+ access for a one-time price.
  • Limited NHL blackouts apply**
  • Stream the NBA, MLB, CHL & WWE, in addition to more NHL games and leagues.
one-time billing
$20.83 / month for 12 months
  • The most leagues at the best price. Purchase and save 25% for the year.
  • Over 500 NHL games. Limited blackouts apply**
  • Stream the NBA, MLB, CHL & WWE, in addition to more NHL games and leagues
249.99 + taxes billed annually
Stanley Cup Playoffs
National MLB Games
Toronto Blue Jays
National NBA Games
Sale Michigan Jerseys Jordan
FA Cup
Sale Michigan Jerseys Jordan
Gallagher Premiership
Super League Rugby
Premier Lacrosse League
Grand Slam of Curling
Sale Michigan Jerseys Jordan CHL
WWE Smackdown
Sportsnet Ontario
Sportsnet Pacific
Sportsnet West
Sportsnet 1
Sportsnet 360
24 hour look-back
Video on Demand
iOS & 4th Gen Apple TV
Android & Chromecast
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Amazon Fire TV
Sale Michigan Jerseys Jordan PRICING
Annual Pass
$20.83 / month for 12 months
249.99 + taxes billed annually
Monthly Pass
7-Day Pass
Try it
one-time billing
Sale Michigan Jerseys Jordan When will I be billed each month?

7-Day Pass: If you purchase a 7-day pass, the pass will last 7 days from the point of purchase. It does not recur and is a one-time fee.

Monthly Pass: You will be billed each month according to when your subscription began. For example, if you signed up on the 21st of the month, you will be billed on the 21st of every month.

Annual Pass: You will be billed on the same day as your purchase, one year later. For example, if you purchase an Annual Pass on March 15th, you will be billed again on March 15th the following year.

What is the difference between SN NOW and SN NOW+?

The SN NOW package includes over 300 total NHL games, including all 82 games of the Oilers, Flames or Canucks, or 56 Maple Leafs games, depending on where you live. In order to get one of these team’s regional games, you must reside within their broadcast region. Regional blackouts apply.

The SN NOW+ package will lift regional blackouts for every NHL game that is exclusive to Sportsnet in Canada, totalling over 500 NHL games blackout-free.

In addition to more NHL games, subscribers will also get hundreds of extra matchups from the Bundesliga, FA Cup and Gallagher Premiership.

If you would like to read more about the package options, click here

Are there NHL regional blackouts in Sportsnet NOW?

Sportsnet NOW has two different packages in order to let subscribers choose how much hockey they would like to watch.

On the SN NOW $19.99/month package, users are subject to NHL blackouts. If a user is an in-market fan of the Oilers, Flames or Canucks and wishes to get their team games, plus all national games(over 300 NHL games in total) they can choose the $19.99/month package.

If a user wants to watch all Sportsnet exclusive games (over 500 NHL games in total—blackout-free), the SN NOW+ package would better suit their needs. In addition to over 500 NHL games blackout-free, SN NOW+ subscribers get hundreds of extra Bundesliga, FA Cup and Gallagher Premiership matches.

Click here to learn more about regional blackouts.

Sale Michigan Jerseys Jordan Is there a way to watch a show or game after it has aired?

If you wish to watch Sportsnet original programming after it has aired, you can access it on-demand on our desktop site. Simply sign in and proceed to the ‘Shows‘ tab, click on your desired show and episode and begin streaming.

If you missed a game and would like to watch it, proceed to our desktop site to utilize the “look-back” feature. Sign in and proceed to the ‘Schedule’ tab and roll the schedule back to the date and time the game originally aired and click on it to begin streaming.

Note: The look-back functionality is only for the past 24 hours. Anything beyond that time period is not accessible.

I have a promo or discount code – how do I redeem it?

After selecting a package and registering, enter your promo code on the payment page and click ‘apply’. If you have a discounted promo code, your revised monthly total will appear after the page refreshes and you can then complete your purchase. If the promo code is for 100% off, you will be skipped forward to the success page.


*Sportsnet NOW owns the regional rights to the Oilers, Canucks, Flames and Leafs. In order to avoid being blacked out from those teams' regional games on the $19.99/mth package, you must reside within that team's broadcast region. For more information on blackouts, visit

**If a game is on more than one network, the game is subject to regional blackouts. All Sportsnet exclusive games are available blackout-free, totalling over 500 per season. Sportsnet exclusive games are games that are broadcasted exclusively by Sportsnet in Canada.

Taxes extra. Offers subject to change without notice. Not applicable to previous purchases. All fees and programming subject to change. Visit for details. Use of Sportsnet NOW constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy at What Carolina The Jerseys Color Are Panthers. We collect and use your personal information according to SNN’s Privacy Policy available at and SNN Terms of Service. Consent for SNN to send marketing messages is required during the payment process. You may unsubscribe at any time. You may cancel your subscription at any time. For details on purchase, refund and auto-renewal policies, see the Sportsnet NOW Terms of Service at If you have subscribed through the iTunes App Store or Google Play, their purchase and refund policies apply.

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